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About Us

The Largest Pharmaceutical Factory in Qatar!

Qatar Pharma is the first intravenous infusion facility in Doha-Qatar and is the leading Pharmaceutical Company in the Arabian Gulf which started operating in the year 2009. It has a promising provision of high quality medicinal products in the health care sector.

Qatar Pharma Mission

Qatar pharma is committed to produce superior quality pharmaceuticals, with aim of becoming the leading pharmaceutical company in the Gulf Region. Their focus extends beyond sheer size, emphasizing the use of their influence to enhance human life by delivering superior pharmaceuticals

Qatar Pharma Vision

To be the most admire pharmaceutical industry in the state of Qatar & across the Gulf Region

To become the highly regarded Pharmaceutical Company leader in the state of Qatar and across the Gulf Region

Successfully Providing Pharmaceutical Solution Since 2009

Qatar Pharma is producing quality products applying CGMP.


Qatar Pharma produces a broad range of Intravenous Solution, Ophthalmic Solution, Oral Solution, Dialysis Solution and Topical Drugs of all categories including :

  • Intravenous Solution in PE Bottle
  • Intravenous Solution in PP Bag
  • Intravenous Solution in LDPE Ampoule
  • Ophthalmic Solution in LDPE Ampoule
  • Intravenous Solution in Glass Vials
  • Oral Solution in Glass Bottle
  • Dialysis Solution in Jeri can & PVC Bag
  • Topical pharmaceuticals: Cream, Ointment, Lotion, Solution, ,Lininmet, Eardrops, Nasal Drops & Mouth wash

First Phase

Qatar Pharma Company is established on 20,000 Square meters, in Qatar on June 11, 2009, which is one of the first and largest pharmaceuticals manufacturing company in the State of Qatar,

  • Qatar Pharma Intravenous Solution PP Bag Products
  • Qatar Pharma Intravenous Solution PE Bottle Products
  • Qatar Pharma Haemodialysis
  • Qatar Pharma Topical Drugs Medicinal (TDM)

All the facilities and premises of Qatar Pharma are in compliance with the cGMP guidelines and approved by the regulatory authorities of the State of Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab emirates, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait and GCC.

Second Phase

  • Qatar Pharma new warehouse is equipped with highly advanced equipment for the handling of material.
  • Qatar Phamra Production lines Ampoules Line Eye Drops line Glass Bottle/Vial line
  • Qatar Pharma has diversified their pharmaceuticals business to all the Arabic countries; the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Kingdom of Kuwait, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Republic of Iraq, the Republic of the Sudan, the State of Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Third Phase

Qatar Pharma Plastic Factory which is producing packaging components in the cleanrooms which are required for the IV solution packaging containers as follows:

  • Caps with twin rubber.
  • Cap and Port, Safety Function Connection for Bags.(SFC)
  • Jerry Cans & their Caps for Hemodialysis Solution filling.

Fourth Phase

In the fourth phase Qatar Phamra is planning to Manufacture:

  • Oral Solid Dosage forms: (Tablets Line, Capsules Line, Syrups & Suspension Line)
  • Veterinary Mecinal product Line (Future Plan )
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